Monday, January 18, 2010

Do I know you?

Ever have one of those moments where the person acts like they know you and you are scanning all possible memory of where in the world you might know this person from. Well, I had one of those moments. sort of. I signed up for an institute class for Friday mornings. Friday, I entered for my first time and this girl sitting as I enter points at me with a sharpie. She just kept on pointing at me, you know, one of those points that mean "I know you from somewhere, but I am trying to place it before I say anything" I just smile awkwardly while she continues to point the sharpie at me. My personal mind scan starts because I have no recollection of familiarity towards this girl. 30 seconds pass and still nothing. I am still standing smiling awkwardly (you know the smile) and she is still pointing the stinkin' sharpie. I am starting to enter the "wow, I feel really stupid stage" when she says... "take the marker, you're gonna want it." Are you serious?!! You just sat there pointing that stupid sharpie for x amount of time because you were trying to give it to me! (those were my thoughts. I didn't actually say that.) I just said "oh." and took the dang marker. I'm thinking this really does classify as a semi-embarrassing moment for myself seeing as how there was a good number of people already seated and ready for class to begin. However, sadly, it wasn't self-inflicted. What a rip off. I mean, why didn't she just say in the first place "Here is a sharpie. I am pointing it at you because you should take it from me because you will need it momentarily" ? But, no. She didn't. And now I am here. The next time I have one of those "Do I know you?" moments I am going to have an unhealthy sense of paranoia of whether they really are thinking "do I know you?" or if they are simply trying to give me their sharpie. What a sad future to look forward to. I think I may just get over it. lol.

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  1. I have had moments just like that..
    I also love that as I was reading this post a song from Glee began to play!!! YAY for Glee