Friday, December 18, 2009

The Flat Saga

Okay, so the funny story moments are back apparently. Here goes...

So, Monday I had a full day of classes and then ran home for dinner before my meeting for student government. I normally take the bus, but this day decided to drive back to school. On the way the car felt a little weird, but I just kept going. I arrive at school 5 min. later, park in the institute parking lot. Exit. And take a look at my rear tire. You guessed it....a flat. But not just any flat, a full blown out tire. yeah. Again, I think things like this are magneted to my soul. Anyways, I head to my meeting. Attend. And then recruit a friend to help me. lol. Now, this friend is a biology major. So with our nerd powers combined you'd think it'd be cake to fix. right. I was missing a vital tool in changing the tire. He supplied it, and we were seeing the light. :) We successfully changed the tire and put on the spare tire. We let my precious car down. But wait! Could it be! Yes, yes, it could be! And was! lol. My dear spare tire was flat as well. I just busted out laughing. "Of course! Why not?!" lol. So, I suggested we take it off and take it to a air pump and pump it up. Good idea, right? Well, Kris thought a better idea would be to go buy "Fix a Flat", a bottle of air and foam. Me, being the girl, relinquish my suggestion and we go buy the magic can of air, screw it in, and...wait! What is that coming out from all around the tire edges?...foam. Yes, foam. I now have a flat spare tire oozing foam. oh, life.

Death of a Cell Phone

I'd like to say that it hasn't been eventful, but knowing me, you know that that is an impossible statement.

I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a sailing trip with some of my friends. I was stoked and ready. Just before hopping into the boat to head off I received a phone call and then quickly placed my phone in my pocket and hopped in the boat. (You already know where this is going don't you?) Well, we had a very enjoyable time on the water and watched the sunset. So pretty! (side tangent: Heavenly Father is so dang talented in what he created!) It was a lot of fun trying to avoid the sail from meeting my head. Which, lucky me, only happened once. Then, the moment came. Yes, the moment where my dear cell phone met it's watery death at the bottom of Utah Lake. I was exiting the boat and then, *plunk*. It took a moment to realize what happened, but it was too late. It had sunk (the whole 15 feet) to the bottom. I cried out "nooooooo!!" Why do I attract moments such as these? LOL. The good thing is that I can at least find humor in it all. Now, hopefully you have had one more laugh at my expense.

God's Humor

So I have decided that the Lord has an unhealthy sense of humor. I was nice and settled in my new singles ward and then BAM! I get a calling. A calling is something that I very much look forward to in a new ward. I was thinking maybe, you know, a Relief Society something or other or a teacher. A challenge, yet good. However, the Lord had a different plan. My new calling, wait for it, is the ward chorister/ward choir director! I know, I know, you're thinking exactly what I was thinking "What?!" Again, an unhealthy sense of humor.

After ward choir practice I was fighting back the stinkin' tears. Why?! I asked. There are so many who are qualified so much more than me. I can't even really carry a note on my own! Then I realized that once again the Lord was stretching me. Just as in the MTC I had to so much rely on him to learn the language I have grown to love, I now have to rely on Him to succeed in this. Sometimes we are given challenges that allow us to use our strengths, other times we are given challenges that we will face plant completely if we don't reach up for some help to stay balanced. I'm grateful for moments where the Lord helps me to realize my weaknesses (practically shoves them in my face) and then makes them strengths. I know it won't be immediate, but I am sure that eventually I will grow to love this calling just as I somehow through much pain and torture came to love french.

Boating & Friends

I had the wonderful opportunity to go boating. Woot! I'm pretty sure the last time I went was in high school (I know, sad story). We arrived at Deer Creek at a nice 7:30 am and entered the water at 8. One word, a bit cold. Okay, that was three words, but who cares. I met my newfound friend, and began an unhealthy abusive relationship with the wakeboard. At try number four I was able to ride the water, then within about 2 seconds my face met the lovely water. After this mean trick, I told my friend I was going to stay on top of the water whether he liked it or not. And said a prayer that I would as well. One word (for reals this time) SUCCESS! I stayed up! Not just once, but two more times after. It rocked! Moving on with the day I was able to reacquaint (is that a word) myself with my friend known as "the tube". Now, the tube is a much gentler friend than the wakeboard, however, the driver of the boat was a bit on the wild side. No complaints. Anywho, success was found on the tube except for one specific moment where i rolled and held on somehow with one arm and then let go. Two words, it hurt! I also lost my shorts. lol. Oh, funny moments. I would love to make the story better by saying that my shorts were really all that was on the bottom, but that would be lie and lying is sinning, and sinning is bad. Therefore, the story remains that I simply lost my shorts. I now at this moment feel as though I was hit by a car/had a sweet full body work out. I'm pretty sure the only part of my body that doesn't hurt is my feet. Other than my shoulder feeling like it was ripped out of it's socket, I believe it was all worth it. hehe. The things we subject ourselves have "fun". It makes me smile.

Choose the Right

Let me share this experience in the best words possible:

I was doing some small shopping at a nearby Super Target when I realized I needed to use the lady's restroom. So I headed in that direction. When I arrived, there were two doors. Me, being my "confident" self, went by instinct to the left (this instinct comes from all the bathrooms for the women being on the left at UVU, moving on...). Well, I quickly found that I had made the wrong choice. Standing in front of me was a row of, well, urinals. Might I add that these "things" were not empty of the male gender. I let out an "oh!" and turned quickly around and headed to the door on the right. lol. Turns out you really should choose the right. I guess I at least realized my mistake before actually using the bathroom. Ah, the moments that make life that much more interesting make it so worth it, eh?

The First

So, in reflection, I have realized my life contains many moments. Yes, moments. But not just any moments. Random moments. Random moments that could at times be classified as awkward or even embarrassing. I have come to terms with it and have decided to embrace it. Therefore, to show this I have created this blog. It may be of some entertainment level to whoever you are and potentially to my future self. Sound good? good. And yes, that is in fact an ad below this post.