Friday, December 18, 2009

God's Humor

So I have decided that the Lord has an unhealthy sense of humor. I was nice and settled in my new singles ward and then BAM! I get a calling. A calling is something that I very much look forward to in a new ward. I was thinking maybe, you know, a Relief Society something or other or a teacher. A challenge, yet good. However, the Lord had a different plan. My new calling, wait for it, is the ward chorister/ward choir director! I know, I know, you're thinking exactly what I was thinking "What?!" Again, an unhealthy sense of humor.

After ward choir practice I was fighting back the stinkin' tears. Why?! I asked. There are so many who are qualified so much more than me. I can't even really carry a note on my own! Then I realized that once again the Lord was stretching me. Just as in the MTC I had to so much rely on him to learn the language I have grown to love, I now have to rely on Him to succeed in this. Sometimes we are given challenges that allow us to use our strengths, other times we are given challenges that we will face plant completely if we don't reach up for some help to stay balanced. I'm grateful for moments where the Lord helps me to realize my weaknesses (practically shoves them in my face) and then makes them strengths. I know it won't be immediate, but I am sure that eventually I will grow to love this calling just as I somehow through much pain and torture came to love french.

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