Friday, December 18, 2009

Death of a Cell Phone

I'd like to say that it hasn't been eventful, but knowing me, you know that that is an impossible statement.

I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a sailing trip with some of my friends. I was stoked and ready. Just before hopping into the boat to head off I received a phone call and then quickly placed my phone in my pocket and hopped in the boat. (You already know where this is going don't you?) Well, we had a very enjoyable time on the water and watched the sunset. So pretty! (side tangent: Heavenly Father is so dang talented in what he created!) It was a lot of fun trying to avoid the sail from meeting my head. Which, lucky me, only happened once. Then, the moment came. Yes, the moment where my dear cell phone met it's watery death at the bottom of Utah Lake. I was exiting the boat and then, *plunk*. It took a moment to realize what happened, but it was too late. It had sunk (the whole 15 feet) to the bottom. I cried out "nooooooo!!" Why do I attract moments such as these? LOL. The good thing is that I can at least find humor in it all. Now, hopefully you have had one more laugh at my expense.

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