Friday, December 18, 2009

The Flat Saga

Okay, so the funny story moments are back apparently. Here goes...

So, Monday I had a full day of classes and then ran home for dinner before my meeting for student government. I normally take the bus, but this day decided to drive back to school. On the way the car felt a little weird, but I just kept going. I arrive at school 5 min. later, park in the institute parking lot. Exit. And take a look at my rear tire. You guessed it....a flat. But not just any flat, a full blown out tire. yeah. Again, I think things like this are magneted to my soul. Anyways, I head to my meeting. Attend. And then recruit a friend to help me. lol. Now, this friend is a biology major. So with our nerd powers combined you'd think it'd be cake to fix. right. I was missing a vital tool in changing the tire. He supplied it, and we were seeing the light. :) We successfully changed the tire and put on the spare tire. We let my precious car down. But wait! Could it be! Yes, yes, it could be! And was! lol. My dear spare tire was flat as well. I just busted out laughing. "Of course! Why not?!" lol. So, I suggested we take it off and take it to a air pump and pump it up. Good idea, right? Well, Kris thought a better idea would be to go buy "Fix a Flat", a bottle of air and foam. Me, being the girl, relinquish my suggestion and we go buy the magic can of air, screw it in, and...wait! What is that coming out from all around the tire edges?...foam. Yes, foam. I now have a flat spare tire oozing foam. oh, life.


  1. Yeah... Fix a Flat isn't really good I've heard... But... It's worse when it oozes.

  2. well, now I can personally testify to the un-workingness of Fix a Flat. lol.